Audiovisual Engineer and Artist.

Several years of programming experience in a set of different languages focusing mainly in C++ and Python for videogames, film/VFX industry.

Further education in traditional & digital arts, animation, 3d, cinematography....

hobby: love! love! love cinema! from John Ford, Howard Hawks, Kurosawa, Michael Mann, Spielberg, Zemeckis, James Cameron and everyone in between!
  motivation: contribute in engaging people in awesome stories and experiences that will move, touch and hopefully be remembered forever at last.
  means: crafting and mastering technology to create computer graphics imagery and digital art put at the service of storytelling.
  little sin: occasionnally raise my sight and look up over the fences.

I'm always open to new job opportunities, if you have any you think i could be a good match don't hesitate to drop me a line.